Label and manage your data for AI

Deal with all the data issues for computer vision in a single place

Meet the product

High-accuracy datasets done with ease

Deal with all the data preparation for your computer vision AI with ease. Use the qualified crowd onboard or bring your team. Manage, share and safely store your datasets.
Everything you need for computer vision data preparation
consensus algorithm ensures accuracy
Data stays safe
only a tiny part of data is shown to a single labeler

Complete set of tools to do the job

Handl provides the necessary set of interfaces to cover most of computer vision data labeling needs. Classification, bounding boxes, polygonal lasso, and character recognition tools are at your disposal, easy to use and neat.
Assignment of labels to images containing text via typing it to the text field
A bounding box tool to determine the relevant object from the list of options
Polygonal segmentation to outline the relevant object from the list of options
Text input
Assignment of labels to images containing text via typing it to the text field
Use the crowd to label data or do it yourself
The crowd is good for general tasks. You can bring your own team in case you have sensitive data or the job requires the special knowledge.
crowdworkers onboard
images labeled
How it works

From raw to well‑done in a seamless flow

Create a job
Upload your data and create a labeling task from the template
Annotate data
Use the on-demand crowd workforce or label data yourself
Manage datasets
Download your dataset in .json or .csv