Label and manage your data for AI

A single place to deal with data preparation for machine learning. Use the crowd workforce onboard or bring your in-house team.

Meet the product

High-accuracy datasets done with ease

Deal with any type of data preparation for your machine learning practices. Use the qualified crowd onboard or bring your team to do the job. Manage, share and safely store your datasets.
1. Cat× 1
2. Dog× 1
1. Cat× 1
2. Dog× 1
2. Dog× 1
2. Dog× 1
1. Cat× 1
1. Cat× 1

It likes milk while its best friend likes to eat bones.

1. Cat× 12. Dog× 1

Murzik is soft and fluffy, Bobik barks loudly.

1. Cat× 12. Dog× 1
2. Dog× 1
1. Cat× 1
1. Cat× 12. Dog× 1
2. Dog× 1
2. Dog× 2
1. Cat× 1
2. Dog× 1
Use the crowd to label data or do it yourself
The crowd is good for general tasks. Bring your in-house team in case the job requires some special skills, such as the knowledge of Chinese or medical education.
25,000+ qualified
6,000,000 pieces
of data labeled
on Handl

Complete set of tools to label any data

We provide a necessary set of interfaces to cover most of your data labeling needs. Whatever you have, images, texts or sounds, we have a complete set of tools, all easy to use and neat. Select and combine them for complex tasks, if required.
Assignment of labels to images
via choosing appropriate tags
from the list of options
A bounding box tool
to determine a relevant object
from the list of options.
Polygonal segmentation
to outline a relevant object
from the list of options
Text input
Assignment of labels to images
containing text via typing it
to the text field
Text segmentation
Assignment of labels to text
via choosing appropriate tags
from the list of options
Consensus algorithm ensures accuracy for any type of data
Data stays safe as we show only its tiny part to a single worker
You are in a good company
We work closely with tech companies and data science teams, helping them to build AI with our labeling.
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How it works

From raw to well‑done in a seamless flow

Create task
Upload images or texts in any supported format and create a labeling task from the template
Get data labeled
Use on-demand crowd workforce or
label data with your team
Manage datasets
Explore your datasets for
any errors and download
them in .json or .csv
Flexible pricing for a quick start

Use any labeling tools with your in-house team
if needed. Personal manager assistance and API
support are included. Subscription-based plan.


Get your datasets labeled by our crowd and pay
a fixed amount for labeling. This works best for
compact datasets of up to 100,000 data pieces.

Pay as is

In-house team

Invite your in-house team to label data
using our interfaces. Works best for
a job that requires special knowledge.

$10/mo per seat


Use our qualified crowd to do the job. The crowd
is good for general large tasks. You can distribute
tasks to groups of workers, each of which is focused
on a specific area.